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For simple kid-friendly organization, re-use extra tennis balls to create modular holders with tons of personality!

by Dremel ®


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Supplies Needed For This Project

Tools & Accessories


  • 1

    932 Aluminum Oxide Grinding Stone
  • 1

    150 1/8" Drill Bit
  • 1

    Standard tennis balls
  • 1

    Screwdriver (optional)
  • 1

    Screws (optional)

Let's Get Started

To reduce the risk of injury user must read instruction manuals for all tools used in this project. Wear eye and respiratory protection. Use clamps to support work piece whenever practical.


Step 1

This project can be accomplished in just a couple easy steps. You’ll want to make a cut across 1/2 of the tennis ball. To make this slit as clean and precise as possible, we recommend using a Dremel high-speed rotary tool like the NEW Dremel 4200. Get started by plunging pilot holes at the beginning and end of where your slit will fall. We made our slits about 4 inches long so we made two pilot holes 4" apart using our 4200 and the 1/8" Drill Bit. To insert the bit, pull back on the EZ Lock levers on the tool, insert the bit completely then back it out just slightly and push the levers forward to secure the bit. Plug in your tool, set it to high speed, and lightly plunge into the tennis ball at both pilot points. For the safest execution of this project and best results, we recommend securing your tennis ball in a vice before making any cuts on it.


Step 2

Once you have made your pilot holes, you'll need to change accessories to complete the slit connecting the two pilot points together. Unplug your tool, pull back on the EZ Change Levers to remove the drill bit and insert a 543 Cutting Wheel. We recommend this wheel as it completes clean cuts in flexible materials like plastics and laminates. Set your tool to a speed setting of 5 and begin cutting from one pilot point to another, applying light pressure.


Step 3

If you are sitting the holder on a flat surface, you’ll need to even the bottom by shaving off about 1/4" of the ball so it will sit level on your surface. With the ball positioned in your vice, use the same technique as step two to complete your cut with the 543 accessory. Remember to run your tool at a speed setting of 5 here for maximum control.


Step 4

If you are mounting the holder to your wall, secure a thin screw into the back of the holder.

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