726-02 20 PC Cleaning/Polishing Accessory Micro Kit

Model # 726-02 Walmart

Product Specifications

This 20-piece accessory micro kit is specially curated to perform all cleaning and polishing applications. It provides the organized storage of popular Dremel accessories in a small, compact footprint. This accessory set offers a reusable storage case with clear lid and lift-out tray for easy organization of the included bits. The kit consists of nylon bristle brushes, a carbon steel brush, felt polishing wheels and cone, polishing compound, emery impregnated disc, SIC impregnated wheel, and mandrels.

  • Specially curated kit for all cleaning and polishing applications
  • Comes with re-useable storage case and 20 accessories
  • Clear lid, storage bin, and removable tray make accessories easy to locate
  • Can stack easily, stand upright, or hang on a wall by hook
  • Small footprint saves space

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