547GR 1 1/2" Multi-Material Diamond Grinding Wheel 

Model # 547GR

Product Specifications

Use your Dremel rotary tool to grind, sand, surface, shape, and deburr hard materials. The 547GR multi-material diamond grinding wheel uses patented diamond embedding technology to create a diamond-coated surfacing wheel that can remove coatings such as rust, thin set, paint, and sticky adhesives from metal, concrete, tile, wood, and more. With best-in-class grinding performance on hard materials, the 547GR provides long-lasting durability and fast results. The 547GR has up to 30X the life of our silicon carbide grinding stone accessories. Applications include cleaning rust from metal patio furniture, shaping and sanding hard woods, cleaning bricks and paving, removing thin-set from tile, removing blemishes and smoothing cracks in concrete, and shaping granite and stone.

  • Features up to 30X the life of Dremel silicon carbide grinding stone accessories
  • Patented diamond embedding technology for durability and speed
  • Best-in-class grinding performance on hard materials
  • Unique domed shape allows flush-grinding
  • Ideal for shaping, smoothing, and general purpose grinding on most hard materials - including granite, marble, stone, thinset, mortar, cement
  • Up to 3X faster grinding than current Dremel rotary accessories for similar applications
  • Only Dremel rotary diamond grinding accessory for getting the project done faster on hard surfaces
  • Application base to smooth, shape, and deburr hard materials and remove coatings such as rust, thin set, scale, paint, and sticky adhesives from concrete, masonry, tile, wood, and more

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