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Top 15 Gifts for Cosplayers

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Top Gifts for Cosplayers
Whether you are shoopping for yourself or the cosplayer in your life, check out this complete list by the Egg Sisters, award winning Cosplayers based in Chicago. This list has everythin ga cosplayer needs from scissors to power tools at all different budgets. Shop the full collection at Egg Sisters Amazon shop.
One of our favorite new tools, the Dremel Lite is always there when you need it! This is a great gift for beginners or as a supplemental tool for light detail work. We love that it’s cordless, lightweight and easy to maneuver.
The sanding drum has to be a cosplayers most used Dremel bit. Stopping your project to unscrew the barrel to replace the sandpaper can be frustrating. The  EZ sanding drum mandrel is a lifesaver for quick changing sandpaper. All you need to do is pop it up, swap out the sandpaper then lock the barrel back down. It’s that easy!
Barge contact cement is the go-to adhesive for most foam smiths. We all know how hard it is to open when the cement builds upon the lid of the can. Fortunately, this tool is the perfect size to loosen Barge lids with ease!
Quality scissors are important. It is known that you shouldn’t use your designated sewing scissors for anything but fabric…Well how bout having a nice pair of scissors FOR  those non-sewing projects?! These scissors are meant to cut through items like foam, worbla, pleather/vinyl etc.. Another bonus is that Famore’ offers a lifetime sharpening guarantee. Famore will sharpen and recondition your tools for life.
This sculpting bust comes in male and female sizes and is a perfect base to sculpt your own masks, headdresses, prosthetics, and helmets.
These are our favorite paints to use. They have rich pigments but the consistency of watercolors. They work great for maintaining translucency on materials like Plastazote. The consistency also makes these paints perfect for airbrushes.
Using a dust mask to protect from fine particles is important but don’t forget about chemical fumes. Many of the products cosplayers use, such as contact cement, spray paint, Plasti-Dip, and spray adhesives, give off harmful fumes. This mask can accommodate filters for various levels of filtration. Pair this respirator with a filter to cover a wide variety of fumes- 
Not all super glues are the same. Bob Smith Industries offers a line of glues that are perfect for any type of project. One of our favorite go-to products is the Maxi Cure. It is a great super glue and the insta-set makes the glue cure instantly which could be a project saver.
It seems that when cutting foam if you blink, your blade is already dull. A dull blade not only will give you poor edges but can also be dangerous if the blade catches in the material. This is a very simple tool but this will prolong the life of your blades, saving money and time.
If you already have a Dremel 3000, you should definitely have the Flex-Shaft attachment. Typically with more powerful tools you sacrifice maneuverability, but by adding the Dremel Flex-Shaft attachment to your rotary tool,  you maintain power but have more freedom to sand and carve foam. 
These molds were a brilliant idea from well-known foam smith Evil Ted. If you need to add details to your project these ready-made molds are available in a variety of shapes. When in doubt, put a skull on it! Works great with Foam clay, Apoxie Sculpt and resin.
If you are like us, you end up transforming every surface in your home into a cosplay workspace. To avoid damaging your tables (and floors!), having a quality cutting mat is a lifesaver. Being self-healing, it will reduce the texture caused by cuts and maintain a smooth work surface.
Whether you need to transform into a creature or just need some subtle scars or markings, Ben Nye creme is easy to use and comes in a variety of colors and themed palettes. The colors are bright and apply easily. Set with powder to lock in the makeup and it will last you throughout the day!
Having a good sharp knife is important. These blades are well made and have a handle that is comfortable to hold. The extra blades come with a convenient chamber to store your worn blades for safe disposal.
These bottles are perfect for storing various materials like glues, custom mixed paints, makeup, chemicals and more. Materials stay fresh and the bottles are easy to seal to prevent fumes when not in use. The size of the bottles make it easy to administer your materials and are also great for air travel.