Meet the Maker: Hank Robinson of Hanro Studios

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When you see an original engraving by Maker and artist Hank Robinson, the first thing you might think is, "How does he do that?" These hand-engraved pieces — created using a Dremel 4000 corded rotary tool on aluminum — leave no room for mistakes or slip-ups. Ranging from carvings on the side of vehicles to wearable accessories to memorials for fallen soldiers, Hank's work is incredibly detailed and provides a stunning visual.

Watch to learn how Hank first discovered etching as a creative and emotional outlet:

To see more of Hank's work, follow Hanro Studios Engraving on Facebook.

Accessory Highlight EZ Accessory Kit

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We're getting amped up for spring projects, and you should too! What better way to celebrate than with a money saving rotary accessory kit that stores all of your EZ accessories?


The EZ725 70-Piece EZ All Purpose Accessory Storage Kit is the ideal start-up kit for new Dremel rotary tool users, but is also valuable for existing users to have a central location for easy access to all accessories. Additionally, this rotary accessory kit is a great value and saves you money when compared to purchasing each accessory separately.

The EZ Accessory Kit holds 70 genuine Dremel accessories of the EZ Lock or drum system. These accessories are 100% EZ, so no wrench is needed. With reusable storage bins and lift-out trays, the kit is an organization station when users are ready to cut, polish, sand, clean, and more. The kit includes the following accessories:
  • EZ544 EZ Lock 1 ½" Carbide Cutting Wheel
  • EZ545 EZ Lock 1 ½" Diamond Cutting Wheel
  • EZ402 EZ Lock Mandrel
  • EZ476 EZ Lock 1 ½" Plastic Cut-off Wheel (2)
  • EZ456 EZ Lock 1 ½" Metal Cut-Off Wheel (4)
  • EZ407SA EZ Lock 1 ¼" Drum Sanding Mandrel
  • EZ411SA EZ Lock 1 ¼" Sanding Disc 60 Grit (6)
  • 408 ½" 60 Grit Sanding Band (20)
  • 432 ½" 120 Grit Sanding Band (20)
  • EZ413SA EZ Lock 1 ¼" Sanding Disc 240 Grit (6)
  • EZ409 EZ Lock 1 ¼" Thin Cut-Off Wheel (3)
  • 511E EZ Lock Finishing Abrasive Buffs, 180/280 Grit
  • 512E EZ Lock Finishing Abrasive Buff, 320 Grit
  • 423E EZ Lock Polishing Cloth Wheel (3)

For more information on EZ Lock accessories, visit the Dremel website.

Dremel at SXSW: Come see us at SX Create

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Do you have plans to visit SXSW in Austin this weekend? Stop by our booth at SX Create where you'll be able to check out the Dremel 3D Idea Builder and get your hands on our wide array of tools.


From March 13-15, we'll be at SX Create at the Long Center for the Performing Arts in Austin where visitors will be encouraged to try their hand at creating something with our array of tools. Dremel Makers will also be on hand to help visitors bring their ideas to life.

Additionally, on Saturday, March 14 from 6-9 p.m., we're hosting a DremelMaker MeetUp at the DropHouse Design Studio in Austin. We encourage all local Makers and STEAM educators to come out to a celebration of the arts where we'll have pieces designed by Makers across the country on display. Artwork will also be available for purchase via a silent auction, with all proceeds benefitting the Austin Tinkering School. Bidding is open now at Space is limited, so RSVP to by March 11.

For more information on SX Create, the DremelMaker MeetUp or silent auction, visit the Dremel Newsroom.

The Art of Making #DremelMaker Sweeps

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Here at Dremel, we celebrate makers. We love to see your projects and what you create, especially with Dremel tools. Read on to see how you can share your work with us and watch a short film put together by Dremel Maker Tim Delger of Tim Delger Creative celebrating what it means to be a Maker.

In the words of Tim Delger, he is, "absolutely addicted to making things." Do you feel the same way? Share your projects with us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram by using the hashtags #Dremel or #DremelMaker.



Even more, between now and the end of March, we're hosting a #DremelMaker Sweepstakes on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for the chance to win one of three custom posters designed by Tim. Stay tuned to our social channels on Sunday mornings in March for details on how you can win one of your own, and check out the official #Dremel Maker Sweeps rules for more details.


Tool Review: Charles & Hudson Fires Up Butane Tools

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Recently, Timothy from Charles and Hudson tried out the Dremel VersaFlame and VersaTip, multi-purpose butane torches that are perfect to have on hand for a variety of applications.


Timothy began his review with a quick overview of the VersaFlame (Model 2200-01). This 9-piece kit is equipped with a torch that reaches temperatures of 1022°F – 2192°F and can burn for up to 75 minutes. Timothy stated, "Anytime you need instant heat, you just fire it up and it's ready to go." The VersaFlame is versatile and can be used around the house or on the jobsite.

Click here to read the rest of Timothy's review. Watch his overview of the VersaFlame specifications here.


Additionally, Timothy tapped into the Dremel VersaTip (Model 2000-01), a cordless butane soldering torch perfect for projects that require precision and versatility. The VersaTip is a compact torch with temperatures from 1022°F – 2192°F with a burn time up to 75 minutes. This 14-piece kit is perfect for soldering, melting, hot cutting, welding, shrinking, pyrography, and paint removal. Most impressed by the fact that the tool is cordless, Timothy noted that he liked the ease of control the VersaTip provides users.

To read the rest of Timothy's review, click here.

DIY Project Etched Feather Drinking Glasses

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Looking for a way to enhance your drinking glasses from plain and boring to custom and stylish? Look no further! On her blog, My Three Monsters, Amy gives a quick and easy project idea with the Dremel Micro 8050: Etched Feather Drinking Glasses.


All you need for this project is your Dremel Micro 8050 with the 84922 Silicon Grinding Stone accessory, a set of drinking glasses, tape, a printed design template and a little bit of time. Amy describes using the Micro 8050 as "similar to drawing with a pencil on glass," so you can choose a design that is simple or detailed.

To begin, tape your design pattern on the inside of the glass. Using the Dremel tool, etch the design onto your glass by following the lines of your pattern. Keep in mind that this design may only work as a guideline. Amy stated that she found it difficult to follow the pattern exactly. Once you have finished etching the design into the glass, remove the pattern from the inside. This is your opportunity to touch up the design by adding in extra lines to bare spaces or thickening any lines.

To finish up, clean your glass to remove any dust from the etching and fingerprints. Happy etching!


To see Amy's entire tutorial, visit her blog.

Have you made a creative project using your Dremel tools? Share with us on Facebook or Twitter!

Accessory Highlight CBN Wheels (EZ506CU and 506CU)

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Searching for accessories that are premium quality and long-lasting can be a hassle. We make it easy with our Cubic Boron Nitride (CBN) Wheels, perfect for versatile Dremel tool systems. Cubic boron nitride is a super abrasive grit and allows the wheel to stay cool and remain sharp for a longer period of time.

The EZ506CU Premium Metal Cutting Wheel and the 506CU Premium Metal Cutting Wheel are durable, high performance wheels that possess a strong metal core that won't shrink. Both wheels have a long cutting life and last at least 20 times longer than standard wheels. This means trips to the hardware store for replacements are less frequent.

The EZ506CU is 1½ inches in diameter and is for use with the EZ402 EZ Lock Mandrel. For use with the 402 Mandrel with screw, the 506CU is 7/8 inches in diameter. Both wheels are ideal for cutting stainless steel, nails, rebar, metal studs, threaded rod, copper, conduit, metal HVAC duct, metal door jambs and unistrut. It is not recommended to cut aluminum and other similar metals, as the wheels may clog when cutting softer metals.

Dremel 3D Customizers

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Need some 3D design inspiration for your Dremel 3D Idea Builder? Jumpstart your design experience by personalizing one of five customizers right on the Dremel 3D website!

If you're unsure of your 3D design skills, personalize a Dremel 3D customizer right on our website. Visit, and visit the design tools tab to get started. Once you choose the object you're interested in printing, customize the color, shape and text right on your Web browser. Once your design is complete, download your .stl file into your Dremel 3D Idea Builder software. After you have prepared the file for building, save it to a SD card or USB cable and get printing!

Once you're ready to design your own ideas, check out the Autodesk 3D design tools also available on the Dremel 3D website. Get started here:

DIY Project Carved Stone Heart Necklace

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The Dremel Micro 8050 is a multi-faceted rotary tool, making it the perfect tool for many of your DIY projects. See how blogger Carissa used her Micro to create a carved heart necklace perfect for any jewelry lover as we approach Valentine's Day!

Carissa started her project with a small, smooth rock, hemp twine, a rag, wood block, felt tip marker, safety glasses, and the Dremel Micro 8050 with one attachment, the 1/8-Inch Glass Drilling Bit (662DR).

To determine where on the stone she wanted the heart, Carissa used the felt tip marker to mark the approximate location. Following the instructions that came with her Dremel Micro 8050, she installed the glass drilling bit and placed her rock on a wood block to keep her work space protected.

After adding a drop of cutting oil on one of the three dots she marked, Carissa set her Dremel Micro to 15 and gently pressed down on the dot with her bit. She then added another drop of cutting oil and repeated the previous step. She continued this process until the hole was drilled completely through the rock, repeating the same steps for each hole and remembering to go slow and not press too hard. If any jagged edges formed inside the heart, Carissa used the sides of the drill bit to rub them away. She drilled a hole at the top of the stone so that she could hang the stone on the necklace.

To clean up the stone, Carissa washed the stone with soapy water to remove the cutting oil and slurry created during the drilling process. To finish up her project, she added a piece of hemp to string her necklace around her neck.

To see Carissa's entire tutorial, visit her blog.

Have you made a creative project using your Dremel tools? Share with us on Facebook or Twitter!

Derby Days: Design the Ultimate Pinewood Derby® Racecar

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Start your engines, Pinewood Derby® Car racers! Derby Days Clinics at Lowe's are revved up and ready to help you build your ultimate racecar!

Head to your local Lowe's store January 31, February 7, and February 21 from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. to take part. Contact your local Lowe's to verify participation.

Clinic participants will receive a derby car build demonstration, step-by-step instructions for building a unique car at home and a Pinewood Derby® Days patch. Builders will also receive tips and tricks from their Lowe's store to build the fastest car yet.

Not able to attend a clinic? No problem! Visit the Derby Days website, where you will find a derby car designer that provides a customized, printable construction and design plan complete with your choice of shape and colors. In addition to the racecar design app, the website also offers a detailed step-by-step guide to building your racecar and the best Dremel tools for the job.

Even more, racers can submit pictures of their finished cars in the Derby Days Design Contest for the chance to win a two-day motor sports race experience. Visit the Dremel Facebook page to enter, or tag your photo on Instagram or Twitter with #DerbyDaysContest.

Check out the video below for more tips on building the perfect racecar. Happy racing!

#MyBrilliantIdeaSweeps and the Winner is…

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Congratulations to the winner of the hand-engraved Honda Ruckus Scooter from the #MyBrilliantIdeaSweeps

— Ivan M!

Last fall, we called upon fans to share their brilliant ideas and projects for the chance to win a custom Honda Ruckus Scooter hand-engraved by Dremel Maker Shawn Lisjack. See below for more photos of Lisjack's intricate engraving work on the Ruckus.


Perks of Registration: Register your Dremel Tools

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How would you like to win a tool-rific Dremel prize pack? All you have to do is register your Dremel tools online for the chance to win. 

Every year, we select two random consumers who have registered their Dremel tools to win a Dremel prize pack. Registration is easy. All you need to do is visit the Product Registration section of the Dremel website here and fill in the required information:

Benefit of Registration:
  • Your safety is our #1 Concern: Updated contact information will allow us to contact you with product notification and updates
Dremel customer Irving P. was one of the two Product Registration winners for 2014 who won a Dremel prize pack. Irving noted he was surprised and thrilled when he found out he was one of the winners, and was very excited to begin using his new Dremel tools. The second winner, Steven R., was also shocked and excited to be selected as one of the Product Registration winners for the year. 

Tool Review: Pro Tool Reviews Takes the Micro 8050 for a Spin

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Recently, Kenny from Pro Tool Reviews tested out the latest and greatest member of the Dremel rotary tool family, the Micro 8050. Read on to see how he put the Micro to work and his thoughts. 

Kenny's first test with the Micro was using the engraving tools. The Dremel Micro comes with 18 accessories, which can complete applications from sanding to cutting to engraving. The three engraving accessories that come with the Micro are the 105 Engraving Cutter, the 125 High Speed Cutter and the 191 High Speed Cutter. Kenny noted that he found his "happy place between speed and control at the 15,000 RPM setting" when engraving in both wood and metal.

To read the rest of Kenny's review, visit

DIY Project: Easy Monogrammed Book Letter

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The Dremel Micro 8050 is one of the most versatile tools in our arsenal. See how blogger Kayla Aimee used her Micro to create a vintage book monogram, a perfect last minute gift to make for anyone on your holiday list. 

Kayla started with a vintage book, a razor blade, ruler, pen and the Dremel Micro 8050 plus three attachments (125 High Speed Cutter426 Cut-Off Wheel and 407 Sanding Drum.)

To create the outline of her letter, she marked off the lines using a ruler and a Sharpie. She recommends printing out the letter you plan on making and tracing it onto the book. Using her Dremel Micro equipped with the 125 High Speed Cutter, she set the tool to speed 20 and made her initial cut on the cover.

To create a clean edge on the corners that needed a 90 degree angle, she switched to the 426 Cut-Off Wheel. She switched to a razor blade to cut the inside pages of the book, as the pages were flimsy. Once the inside pages were cut, she went through the same process on the back cover as she did with the front. She then used her Dremel Micro with the 407 Sanding Drum on the tool's lowest speed to round off the corners and smooth the edges. To complete her monogram project, she used a sealant spray to seal the edges.

To see Kayla's entire tutorial, visit her blog at

Have you made a creative project using your Dremel tools? Share with us on Facebook or Twitter!

Dremel Derby Days: Design the Ultimate Race Car

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Start your engines, Pinewood Derby Car racers! Beginning in January of 2015, Dremel will continue its long-standing partnership with Lowe's to host a series of in-store Derby Days clinics. 

Occurring annually, Pinewood Derby car races have been held since the mid-50s as a way to promote sportsmanship and teamwork among Cub Scouts. As part of the Derby Days clinics at Lowe's, participants will learn tips and techniques to build the ultimate racecar. Additionally, attendees will receive a Pinewood Derby Days patch and a coupon for 10 percent off their purchase of Dremel tools, accessories and attachments. 

The 2015 clinics will be held January 17, January 31, February 7 and February 21 from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. at select Lowe's stores nationwide. Customers are encouraged to call their local Lowe's store to confirm dates and times.

Dremel is also offering any car enthusiast a chance to win a two-day motor sports race experience. From January 17-February 28, participants can upload a photo of their ultimate racecar on the Dremel Facebook page or share their photo on Twitter or Instagram tagged with #DerbyDaysContest. For official contest rules and regulations, visit

For help getting started with your racecar, visit to access a library of online tools including a detailed step-by-step construction guide, car design templates, a how-to video and more. 

Featured Dremel Maker: Ileea of Xtreme Etching Art

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If you're active on Instagram or Twitter, you may be familiar with Ileea of Xtreme Etching Art. For the past eight or so years, she has been using Dremel tools to etch intricate designs in mediums such as wood, metal and glass. 

Although she has no formal art training, Ileea credits her creativity to her parents who encouraged her to help them with different art projects growing up. She started etching on Acyrlic panel sheets, but soon moved on to other mediums including wood, glass and metal. 

Ileea uses her Dremel 4000 with the flexible shaft attachment the most frequently for her work. In terms of accessories, her favorites to use are the 7134 Diamond Wheel Point, the 7144 Diamond Wheel Point and the 7103 Diamond Wheel Point. She also uses a Dremel Moto-Saw to cut any flat surfaces she is working on to shape. She notes that Dremel tools are the best and most reliable tools she has used for her work, and hopes to add the Dremel Fortiflex to her collection of tools soon. 

Her etchings are designed based on what she's inspired by or what's happening in the world, and the pieces can take between 15-30 hours depending on the size of the project and the amount of detail. For fans looking to begin etching with Dremel tools, Ileea suggests a slow pace and to apply light pressure at the beginning of the project as you can always increase the depth with your tool once you're happy with how the piece is looking.

To see more of Ileea's work, check out her Instagram or website. Are you a Dremel Maker? Reach out on Facebook or Twitter to show us photos of your work!

Idea Builder: Print Your Gifts This Holiday Season

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The Dremel 3D Idea Builder is now available for purchase online and in stores, making it the perfect gift to give (or get) this holiday season. Check out some of the great items you can print to give to your friends and family this year. 

For the botanist or garden lover in your life, this terrarium is a sleek new way to grow plants. This project consists of six individually printed pieces (four sides, one bottom piece and one stand piece), and you'll need Plexi-Glas or plastic sheets to glue into the sides. Find the instructions here.

What kid wouldn't love a marble maze? Sure to keep your little ones busy for hours, this obstacle course consists of nine different tracks that can be connected together with a snap connector or the vertical supports. See the instructions and download the project here.

Not only are these 3D printed ornaments great to give, but they are also an easy way to add some festive décor to any room in your house. These only take 2.5 hours to print, and there are four different designs to choose from. To see the ornaments and other seasonal items, click here

Everyone knows a coffee addict. This 3D printed coffee sleeve only takes two hours to print, and is something that would be appreciated by recipients of almost any age. Download the instructions here

Do It Yourself: Engraved Ornaments with the Dremel Micro 8050

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Feeling crafty this holiday season? Read on to see how Kim from The Kim Six Fix created engraved and illuminated ornaments with the Dremel Micro 8050 craft tool, to create the perfect gifts for anyone on your list. 

Kim started with a simple plastic, shatter-proof ornament that she sketched a decorative design on with a pencil before engraving with the craft tool. It's very important to use plastic or acrylic ornaments for this project, not glass. She suggests ornaments that have a layer of white plastic under the outside shiny layer so the designs show through clearly. She also noted that after engraving on a few ornaments, the pencil beforehand was less necessary and it was easier to freehand with the craft tool

She started with the 191 High Speed Cutter for larger designs and outlines and then switched to the 105 Engraving Cutter in her craft tool to finish the fine details of the design. Once the engraving was done, she strung a few ornaments together with a string of white LED lights to make them glow.

To see Kim's entire tutorial, visit:

Around the House: DIY Fix-Ups

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The weather outside may be frightful, but that just means more time to tackle those indoor DIY projects. These easy DIY fix-ups will make your house look extra special for all those holiday guests!

Project 1: Sink Refresher 

Refresh your bathroom by redoing the caulk around the sink. Over time, silicone caulk can peel, crack and turn yellow. Use your Dremel Multi-Max MM30 equipped with the MM610 Flexible Scraper Blade to give your sink a facelift this winter. Find instructions for this great weekend project here

Project 2: Sparkling Stovetop 

Brighten up your kitchen without buying shiny new appliances. If your stovetop is starting to look a little old, pull out your Dremel rotary tool to bring back the sparkle. With the Dremel 4000404 Nylon Bristle Brush422 Felt Polishing Cone421 Polishing Compound and an old rag, you can give new life to an older appliance. See full instructions here

Project 3: Removing Grout 

Whether in the bathroom or the kitchen, grimy grout is an eyesore. Use your Dremel Multi-Max equipped with one of our grout removal blades to strip away unsightly grout. Watch this video tutorial for more detailed instructions and tips if you plan on tackling this project on your own. 

Featured Dremel Maker: Alex Wer the Pumpkin Geek

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Most people are content with a simple jack-o-lantern while carving a pumpkin around Halloween time… Not Alex Wer, better known as "The Pumpkin Geek." 

Seven years ago, Alex Wer was asked by his wife to carve a pumpkin with her company logo in it for a party. With no official art training (his background is in criminal justice), he got to work using a Dremel 200 series tool and an artificial pumpkin. You could say the rest is history.

Wer only uses artificial pumpkins for his work, and still uses the same Dremel 200* that he carved his first pumpkin with for his wife. He uses the Dremel 194 High Speed Cutter and 7134 Diamond Wheel Point bits – the 194 for shading large areas and the 7134 for outlining and details.

Each hand-carved pumpkin can take anywhere from 4-6 hours depending on the detail, and he uses a stencil that he creates in Photoshop to carve the designs.

Since he began this venture, Wer has carved pumpkins for a handful of celebrity clients, including Taylor Swift, Gene Simmons and Jeri Ryan. Recently, his work was featured in an issue of People Magazine.

For more information on Wer's work, visit his website or follow him on Twitter @ThePumpkinGeek. All of Wer's designs can ship worldwide, and are completely customizable.

*Disclaimer: A corded tool, such as the Dremel 200, should never be used on a real pumpkin, as only cordless rotary tool models are used for this purpose