Featured Dremel Maker: Max Conserva

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This month's featured Dremel Maker is Max Conserva of California who is using his Dremel 300 rotary tool to help build himself a leg brace after a life-altering vehicle accident when he was young.

The accident left Max with a severe and very uniqe injury to his leg that he has now dealt with for 20+ years. His injury was so uniqe that he had difficulty finding a professional who could give him an effective solution, causing him to "push the boundraries" on his own. After numerous appointments with medial professionals and no solution, he decided to take matters into his own hands. 

At the beginning of this year, Max dedicated himself to the project of building a full leg brace prototype that he will eventually bring to a professional in an effort to advance his own cause. When he first started assembling his workshop, a Dremel 300 rotary tool was one of the first tools he bought. Thus far, Max has used his Dremel rotary tool to trim and shape the carbon fiber and polyproplyene of the brace he is working on. He recently added a few Dremel rotary tool attachments to his collection to further help him in his design.

Although Max hasn't been a Dremel Maker for long, we've been captivated by his story. To read more about Max's inspiring journey, check out his website or follow him on Twitter at @GoodLegProject.

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