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Rotary Tool Accessory Tackles Precise Sanding Projects

MT. PROSPECT, Ill. – August 5, 2009 — The Dremel brand is expanding its line-up of EZ Lock™-compatible rotary tool accessories with the introduction of the Detail Abrasive Brush in three different grit strengths. The brushes’ unique, flexible bristles are designed to improve users’ sanding capabilities by helping them get into tight, intricate spaces and contoured shapes without damaging their work piece.

“Sanding is one of the most popular applications among rotary tool users, and it demands a durable, high-quality accessory with just the right amount of abrasion for the job at hand,” said Cory Doppelt, Dremel accessory products manager. “The Detail Abrasive Brush fits the bill to a ‘T.’ It’s especially great for restoration projects when preparation and detail sanding are essential.”

The Detail Abrasive Brush is compatible with all multi-speed Dremel rotary tools and fits on both the 402 and EZ402 mandrels. It is recommended that users apply only light pressure when using the accessory and work at speeds of 15,000 rotations per minute or below for best performance and results.

Each bristle on the brush is impregnated with sanding abrasive that wears down as the accessory is used to expose new grit, extending the accessory’s life and eliminating the need for abrasive compound. The brushes’ design allows users to remove only the exterior surface layer of their work piece without damaging the base layer. Detail Abrasive Brushes can be used for cleaning detailed surfaces on materials such as wood, aluminum, plastic, metal, steel and vinyl; and smoothing or de-burring wood after carving or routing. The brushes’ shape allows users to access contoured and hard-to-reach spaces such as crown molding or a chair railing. Each sanding brush is color coded by grit strength for easy identification. The brown brush (EZ471SA) contains 36 grit and is best used to remove light rust from metal or steel. The white brush (EZ472SA) contains 120 grit and works well to remove light paint from wood. The red brush (EZ473SA) contains 220 grit and is ideal for removing tarnish from brass.

The Detail Abrasive Brush is available beginning in August 2009 at most hardware stores and home improvement centers nationwide. Brushes retail in packages of one, for a suggested retail price of $7.99. In Canada, the Detail Abrasive Brush retails for $9.99 CAD.

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