November 2005

Dremel Newsletter November 2005

With the holidays around the corner, now is the perfect time for last minute holiday fix-ups around the home!  Whether you’re crafting a holiday accessory, polishing fine silver or checking the wobble on your dining room chairs, Dremel is up to the task this holiday season!

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Ask Dremel

Auto Care

Question:  I recently purchased a new Dremel tool online.  Can you tell me the best way to use the Dremel to cut a rectangular hole (approximately 2" X 7") in the dash of my RV to accommodate a new CD Player?
- Bill Lane, via e-mail

Answer: The versatility of Dremel tools will help make the installation of your CD player flow with ease.  The Dremel 400 Series XPR Rotary Tool along with the # 565 Multipurpose Cutting Kit makes installing car accessories as easy as one-two-three.

Start off by tracing the pattern of the CD player (this can also be used to install radio speakers) on the RV dash.  Most car stereo kits and CD players come equipped with a template or you can create your own by tracing the inside ridge of the player.  Next, using the Dremel 400 Series XPR and multipurpose cutter # 561 along with cutting guide, carefully cut along the traced outline.  Then drill screw starter holes with a slightly smaller bit than the diameter of the screws that will be used to fasten the CD player.

Note: The multipurpose cutter # 561 should not be used on metal materials
30 Minute Project

Fix a Wobbly Chair

Bothered by a wobbly chair in your kitchen or dining room set?  With the right tools and a little know-how you will be able to wipe your wobble away.  Your Dremel is the perfect tool to help fine-tune your wobble worries!

To help speed up the job, remember to label every part to make it easier to put back together.  Use masking tape and a simple number and letter system to make reassembly a breeze.
To begin, hold the chair upside down.  Check for any nails or screws that may be holding the legs to the seat, and may even be covered to match the chair finish.  These will need to be removed first.  Then, with a dead-blow hammer, strike the seat firmly, working around the chair and slowly loosening each joint.  Once the legs are removed, it is important to sand off all dried glue from the mortises (holes).  Using a Dremel 400 Series XPR and a # 430 ¼” drum sander, carefully remove all of the old glue.  Use a steady hand and remember not to enlarge the mortise or the joint will still be loose.  When all of the dried glue is removed, apply a light coat of yellow carpenter’s glue to the rungs and the mortises, and reassembly quickly.  Clamp the legs, rungs and seat all at once, drawing the joints tight.  Remove remaining glue with a damp cloth and check the alignment on a flat surface. 

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From the Workbench


The precision and versatility of the Dremel 10.8V Lithium-Ion Cordless make it extremely useful in making miniatures.  No matter what size the project is, Dremel will bring a new level of confidence to any creative task.

As many hobbyists know, crafting models requires precision and the 10.8V Cordless is useful during every step of the miniature-making process, conveniently allowing you to maneuver around small and delicate pieces of work.  Together with the # 542 Carbide Cutting Bit, the 10.8V Cordless can make initial cuts to achieve the desired size and general shape of the miniature.  To create intricate cuts and small details, hold the material tight in a clamp or on a workstation and use a # 118 High-Speed Cutter or # 109 Engraving Cutter. These accessories will allow you to carve fine miniature details, such as wooden dollhouse chair legs, stair spindles or look-alike cedar roof shingles.  For a finishing touch, use the # 463 Rubber Polishing Point for rapid smoothing and polishing.

For model enthusiasts, Dremel suggests the following project ideas:
  • Smoothing the Wing of a Model Airplane - Smooth a wing on your model airplane with the # 407 Drum Sander with # 432 Fine Sanding Band. This technique works for removing adhesive, too.
  • Drilling Model Car Wheel Molds - Work begins on model cars right out of the box - drilling wheel molds with the # 150 Drill Bit after securing them in a # 2214 D-Vise.
  • Sanding Model Car Body Edges - Secure the model car in a # 2214 D-Vise and smooth body edges using the # 407 Drum Sander with # 432 Fine Sanding Band - one step of hundreds necessary to finish an intricate model.
  • Cutting Model Train Tracks - Even model train rails need maintenance, and cutting a rail section is made easier with the # 409 cut-off wheel.
Project Showcase

Engraved Mirror

I started out a bit early this holiday season planning decorations for my family dinner table and was delighted with the outcome!  To create a perfect table centerpiece, I purchased several mirrored tiles.  Working freehand with the Dremel Engraver, I etched holiday words and designs into the mirror.  It took a little practice, but I ultimately got the outcome I was looking for.  A helpful hint: I used a towel to rest my hand on to help steady my hand while working, and also placed a towel under the mirror to reduce vibrations.  If you’re worried about having a steady hand, try drawing the design onto the mirror with a grease pencil or dry erase marker, so you’ll just have to trace the image or words – the Dremel Engraver will do the work for you!
Without a Dremel, I wouldn’t have been able to create such a beautiful centerpiece.  A holiday pillar candle and a bit of garland gave the etched mirror a final touch.  I’m also planning on giving them to friends and family as party favors!

~ LM, Illinois

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Product News

Holiday Mail-In Rebate

Now through December 31, you can receive a free electronic engraver via mail-in rebate with the purchase of any Dremel 400 series XPR kit.  The # 290 Engraver gives you an almost impermeable method of identification on your prized holiday possessions or adds a personal touch to any home accessory.  Providing you a level of control that makes custom designs a snap, the Dremel electronic engraver works on a wide variety of materials – metal, plastic, glass, ceramic, wood and even leather.  

Visit for more information on the holiday mail-in promotion or click here for the rebate form.
Call for Projects

Dremel will celebrate its 75th anniversary in 2007.  And we are looking for Dremel users to give us a year’s worth of projects – big and small – to showcase the many uses for rotary tools.  Send your project ideas via e-mail to, or via regular mail at Dremel Million Uses, c/o JSH&A, 2 TransAm Plaza Drive, Oakbrook Terrace, IL  60181.


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