Dremel Versa PC362-3 Versa Power Scrubber Gentle Eraser Pad 3PK

Model # PC362-3

Product Specifications

The Dremel Versa Eraser Pad gently removes dirt, stains and scuff marks from hard surfaces. Perfect for doors, walls, floors and more, the micro-abrasive surface can be used dry or with water. Combine the multi-purpose cleaning pad with the Dremel Versa's high speed scrubbing action, and jobs will be complete in no time.

  • Multi-purpose micro-abrasive for use on hard surfaces
  • Recommended uses: walls, floors, doors, shoes, glass and more
  • Quick and easy accessory change with the hook and loop system
  • Oversized accessories get into corners and tight spaces
  • Cleaning hard surfaces (i.e. countertops, baseboards,), painted metal, plastic, glass. Not recommended for wood with high gloss, painted walls, polish, brushed satin, Faux, copper, stainless steel, non-sticking coating

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