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Do It Yourself: Engraved Ornaments with the Dremel Micro 8050

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Feeling crafty this holiday season? Read on to see how Kim from The Kim Six Fix created engraved and illuminated ornaments with the Dremel Micro 8050 craft tool, to create the perfect gifts for anyone on your list. 

Kim started with a simple plastic, shatter-proof ornament that she sketched a decorative design on with a pencil before engraving with the craft tool. It's very important to use plastic or acrylic ornaments for this project, not glass. She suggests ornaments that have a layer of white plastic under the outside shiny layer so the designs show through clearly. She also noted that after engraving on a few ornaments, the pencil beforehand was less necessary and it was easier to freehand with the craft tool

She started with the 191 High Speed Cutter for larger designs and outlines and then switched to the 105 Engraving Cutter in her craft tool to finish the fine details of the design. Once the engraving was done, she strung a few ornaments together with a string of white LED lights to make them glow.

To see Kim's entire tutorial, visit: http://www.thekimsixfix.com/.