Tip the Scales in your favor with the Right Tools

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Adam Glickman isn’t your average musky fisherman, and we’re not just talking about his 85-90% land rate. Adam is the first to say that the right approach to musky fishing is nothing without the right tools. Thanks to the Dremel 7300 MiniMite, Adam has a true edge – the sharpest hooks around.

Adam was introduced to the Dremel brand as a young teen when he received his first rotary tool as a Christmas gift from his parents. It wasn’t long before the Wisconsin native and avid fisherman grew tired of traditional flat hook files and decided to give his Dremel a whirl. Twenty years (and MANY successful catches) later, the charismatic host of Honest Musky Television sat down with the Dremel team to share more about how he’s spreading the word.

“Muskies are known for holding tight to rocks, woods and dense weed beds,” Adam said. “Even the most premium fish hooks are never sharp enough. They’re quickly dulled when working against these covers. Hooks require regular touch-ups and sharpening.”

Recognizing that so much effort went into the strike, Adam wasn’t comfortable settling for the lucky bite. In other words, that average 50% hook rate didn’t fly with him.

“Speed, accuracy, technique – none of these things matter if the musky just nudges at your hook and moves on,” Adam said. “It’s unacceptable to me to lose half of the fish I hook. I’m going to do everything I can to increase my odds.”

Adam has lost one fish so far this year and typically only a few each season. He attributes this success to regular sharpening with the Dremel MiniMite.

“Like anything you want to excel at, it takes time and practice to get it right,” Adam said. “Musky fishing isn’t easy! When I show people the before and after hooks at trade shows and seminars, they are blown away by the difference the Dremel tool sharpening makes. Seeing is believing.”

Watch Adam’s technique for sharpening his hooks using the Dremel 952 Aluminum Oxide Grinding Stone bit.

To learn more, visit Honest Musky Television or follow them on Facebook.

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