The 2015 Dremel Holiday Gift Guide Dremel Makes Happy Holidays

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The holiday season is in full swing, and we know you've got a Maker or two on your shopping list. Finding the perfect gift can be tough, so we're here to help with our 2015 holiday gift guide.

The Dremel 4200 Rotary Tool



Great For: Everyone

There should be one item already at the top of your gift list: the Dremel 4200 rotary tool. Whether you're sanding wood, etching glass, sharpening shears, or cutting metal, every Maker's home needs a reliable rotary tool. The unbeatable versatility of the 4200 and the EZ Change accessory mechanism mean that you can switch effortlessly between grinding, sanding, polishing, engraving, and cutting. We also love the variable speed dial which allows you to switch from 5,000 RPM all the way up to 35,000 RPM to meet the needs of your project.

The Dremel US40 Ultra-Saw and The Dremel MM40-05 Multi-Max




Great For: The Home Improvement Enthusiast

If you have an advanced DIYer or contractor on your shopping list, the Dremel Ultra-Saw and Multi-Max Oscillating Tool make great stocking stuffers (assuming you've got an extra-large, of course). The Ultra-Saw takes on difficult cuts with precision and ease through tough materials like metal, tile, plastic, masonry, and wood. Beyond its impressive power, advanced DIYers and home improvement pros will also appreciate its compact size and clear line of sight for truly clean, efficient cutting. Like every Dremel tool, the Ultra-Saw is all about versatility. Surfacing, cutting (straight or plunge), and even flush cutting are a breeze.

The MM40-05 is the premier Dremel oscillating tool. The powerful 3.8 Amp motor means the MM40-05 is among the most powerful oscillating tools in its class. That power is paired with an extra-wide 3.2-degree angle of oscillation to improve the efficiency of your cuts. It's also surprisingly lightweight and comfortable, and the Tool-less Quick Lock accessory change system lets you switch between accessories with a simple turn of a lever. If the Maker on your list loves remodeling, repairing, and restoring things around the home, a Multi-Max Oscillating Tool is a must-own.

The Dremel VersaTip Model 2000-01 Butane Soldering Torch


Great For: Crafters and Hobbyists

The VersaTip is a cordless butane soldering iron and torch that's great for precision craft projects and pyrography. The VersaTip is perfect for creating intricate, decorative burns in wood and leather. It also doubles as tool for shrinking, soldering, and hot-cutting. If you know a Maker who's looking to dive headfirst into creating unique art projects, the VersaTip should be on your holiday shopping list.

The Dremel VRT-1 Vacuum Powered Rotary Tool


Great For: The Mess Maker

Keeping your workspace clean when you're working with messy materials like wood and glass can be tough. One thing that every Maker wants for the holidays is to spend more time making and less time cleaning up. The VRT-1 transforms your wet/dry shop vacuum into a versatile turbine-powered rotary tool. The suction of the vacuum powers the rotary tool and cleans debris at the same time to help keep dusty projects under control. Best of all, the VRT-1 is compatible with most Dremel rotary tool accessories.

The Dremel 3D Idea Builder


Great For: Millennial Makers and Families

The 3D Idea Builder was designed from the ground up to bring your brilliant ideas to life and make 3D printing more accessible. The full-color touch screen, easy setup, and robust software allow you to jump right in and start creating anything, from fun toys and works of art to functional everyday items. The only limitation is your own imagination. We've already highlighted some of the Makers who have been doing incredible things with the 3D Idea Builder, and every month we're sharing more 3D project templates with the Maker community. If you're shopping for someone with an interest in science and design, or just someone who wants to create something they never thought was possible, the 3D Idea Builder is a fantastic gift.


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