Taking It To The Streets: Renegade Craft Fair

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The Renegade Craft Fair took place September 9 & 10, 2017 and featured a roster of over 400 local and national Makers, tantalizing food vendors, local Chicago music performances, DIY workshops and a truly unique weekend shopping experience of handmade goods. The Dremel brand was in the midst of it all having set-up shop on Division Street in Chicago for this epic outdoor celebration of all things handmade.

The Dremel booth at the Renegade Craft Fair was a popular place to stop and create. Our focus was on ensuring the next generation of Makers knows how much fun it is to create something with just your hands and your imagination. And, of course, a Dremel rotary tool.

Dremel teamed up with co-sponsor, Sculpey Oven Bake Clay, in order to show makers how easy it is to create unique, personalized items using a Dremel rotary tool and clay. A Dremel 3D40 printer was on hand to demonstrate the variety of uses for home, business and craft. Best of all, we were surrounded by the inspiration of talented Makers of the Renegade Craft Fair curating unique items for sale.



Throughout the weekend, we hosted Dremel Mission Maker and craft expert, Amy Bell of Positively Splendid. Amy live demonstrated the Hatch Project Kit and got crafty engraving alongside attendees in the booth.

Everyone had the chance to get hands on with:

The Dremel 3D40 Idea Builder, making molds and cutouts for jewelry
The Dremel 3000 with Flex Shaft attachment or the Dremel 8050 Micro to practice making the Sculpey Clay Keychain

Additionally, all visitors had a chance to win our sweepstakes giveaway of the Dremel 3D40 printer and a gift basket of Sculpey Clay Products, valued at $1,449! Thanks to all who joined us in the Windy City on our #MissionToMake!

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