Perks of Registration: Donna Wins Big

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It pays to register your Dremel tool, whether it’s your first one or your tenth one. Take it from Donna, who recently won $500 in Dremel tools and accessories just for registering her new Dremel tool.

This wasn’t her first Dremel tool though. Donna picked up her first one 25 years ago, when she was a newlywed. Back then she was using Dremel tools for minor household repairs, now she uses them to give her English Mastiff and French Bulldog pedicures.

“I prefer using Dremel because it is quick and more precise, which is less stressful to my pets and me,” Donna said. She’s not stopping with her pets either.

“Living in a 50-year-old house, most of my time is spent fixing. I always wanted to be more creative with household projects, and I am excited about exploring projects with my new Dremel tools and accessories.”

For your chance to win, register your tool online at

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