Meet the Maker: Jamison Rantz

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Jamison is an aerospace engineer who caught the Maker bug and is dedicated to creating DIY furniture designs that anyone with a can-do attitude can create.

How did you get into Making? Have you always been a Maker or is it something you discovered as an adult?

I've always been into making stuff but was never very good at it. A lot of that has to do with the fact that I usually winged it and never really did much planning.

Your day job as an aerospace engineer sounds pretty cool. Do you feel like your approach to design is influenced by your work as an engineer?

About a year ago, I actually gave up my day job to pursue the business of Rogue Engineer full time. However, I couldn't have done what I do now without that experience. The planning and mechanical design knowledge that I gained during my career as an aerospace engineer is invaluable and I'm glad to be able to share all that with others through my projects on my blog.

Tell us a little bit more about your blog. What inspired you to not just Make but also share your work with the world?

Using the knowledge I had as an engineer I was able to design a lot the stuff I was making and not only make things better than I ever could before, but more efficiently and with less errors. Rather than just building stuff for others, I wanted to share how almost anyone could make the same things with a little effort and guidance. The goal of the site is to make really beautiful projects look less intimidating to others and provide others with the confidence to try something that they may not have otherwise.

Do you have any advice for new Makers who are interested in creating DIY home furnishings?

There is a wealth of furniture plans out there nowadays, pick one that you want to build and go for it. Once you have a couple projects under your belt, then try customizing one or two, and then go on to designing, planning and building your own projects. If you try to bite off too much at first, you may get frustrated and give up. A few small wins can help build your confidence and give you the knowledge to give it a go on your own.

How do you incorporate Dremel tools into your work?

I use Dremel tools for more intricate work. Whether it's trimming a bracket, distressing a piece, or sanding/polishing intricate designs, Dremel tools are great for this kind of work.

Do you have a favorite project?

My latest one, and that will probably always be my answer. My latest project was a simple vanity for my 2yr old daughter for Christmas. While it was simple to create, she absolutely loves it and uses it on a daily basis. Projects that get used are always the most rewarding for me.

To see more of Jamison's work, check out his blog.

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