Meet Shaun Crockett, Maker in Residence

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Being a Maker means being creative and versatile and embracing new challenges. This month's featured Maker has all three of those qualities in spades. Meet Shaun Crockett, Maker in Residence. 

Tell us a little about your background, Shaun. How did you get into making? 

I was raised in a very hands-on family. My dad and mom were always tackling projects. They did everything from home remodeling to automotive repair. They always taught me not to be afraid of hard work. And it rubbed off on me for sure. I started making projects from my dad's scrap wood and never looked back. 

Being able to bring my ideas to life has really driven me in many ways. I went to college and then started working in advertising. It's been a perfect choice for me. I get to solve problems using creative thinking and surround myself with passionate, creative people. 

What inspires you? 

My inspiration comes from being able to turn ideas into reality. I'm not afraid to fail, and that has been critical in creating. I love trying new things. The process to create is almost as important as the end product. If I mess up and ruin a piece, I learn from it. 

Being a Maker also forces you to make decisions. You must commit. I think this is a great lesson in life. Too many people wonder about the outcome so much that they never end up doing. I keep a list of projects I want to do—if I don't know how to do them, I learn. 

The digital age has created a vast information resource that can show you how to do just about anything. Chances are there's a YouTube video showing you an example. 

Since becoming a Dremel Maker in Residence, have you branched out and experimented with any new tools? 

I use computers every day for my job. This gave me a jump start with basic graphic interfaces. I started doing online tutorials for several CAD programs and went immediately to work with the 3D Idea Builder. It's the perfect tool for blending the digital and physical world. I've been modeling and printing tons of stuff. I am still learning and my projects have been fairly simple, but it has really got my brain thinking about the opportunity it presents. Along with the 3D Idea Builder, the 8220 Rotary Tool has been my go-to tool. Since it's cordless, it's so easy to just pick it up and immediately go to work. I can take it anywhere, and it packs the power to get the job done. 

What sort of projects are you working on right now? 

One of my projects I submitted for the Makers in Residence contest was a handmade knife I built from a reclaimed shop file. I've been continuing to explore projects like that, but with new metal options and handle materials. I really like combining different mediums—wood, metal, glass, electronics—everything is fair game. It all comes down to seeing the beauty and potential of each object. 

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