Launched: Mission To Make Inspires In Atlanta

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Known as the “DIY home away from home,” the Haven Conference is a place where DIY and decor bloggers go to celebrate their DIY spirit and learn new skills. The Dremel brand was on hand to show off Dremel products and to kick off the brand’s Mission to Make program led by Clint Harp from the HGTV show, Fixer Upper.

“For the past 85 years, Dremel has been empowering creativity,” said John Kavanagh, president of the Dremel brand. “We believe that making brings people together – inventors, artists, hackers, hobbyists. With today’s technology and ability to share what you’re making in real time and across the globe, we’re inspired by the ingenious creativity amongst Makers. Our Mission to Make shines a light on all that’s happening and we hope it inspires future Makers, both young and old.”

With a Maker Movement well underway within the country, the Dremel brand has teamed up with the famed Waco, Texas woodworker Clint Harp to encourage those on the sidelines to realize that anyone can be a Maker. “I’m encouraging Makers all over the place to get into their shops and start making things,” said Harp. “For me a simple way to start is to jump to your garage and make some small projects. You don’t have to think big. I know I make 17-foot-long tables on TV, and that’s all fun and I love doing it, but it’s also fun to make something a little simpler.”

At the Haven Conference in Atlanta, Harp and Mission Maker Jamison Rantz of Rogue Engineer showed a jam-packed room how to create a simple herb planter box from a wood pallet with help from the Dremel Saw-Max and 290 Engraver. On day two, Jamison demonstrated a variety of Dremel tools as part of a class on making outdoor yard games. Attendees were given the opportunity to create a wooden game as they put the Dremel 4300 rotary tool through its paces.

Each day attendees had the opportunity to use the Dremel 8050 Micro cordless rotary tool to try their hand at decorating and personalizing leather luggage tags. Dremel team members frequently heard the comment, “I had no idea that you could use a rotary tool to engrave leather!”

With Atlanta crossed off the Mission to Make map, the Dremel brand is heading to Chicago next to inspire at the Renegade Craft Fair. Will we see you on our #MissionToMake?

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