Featured Dremel Maker: Scott Kidman

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After watching his grandfather build wooden models and toys when he was younger, Utah firefighter Scott Kidman decided to start building some of his own during his free time.

When he first started Kidman Creations, Scott would dumpster dive to find scrap wood to use for his models. In his words, he "started with nothing," and has continued to watch his business grow and grow.

Scott's one-of-a kind models are made of reclaimed materials, so no two items are the same. The wood he uses is never painted or stained, and is only covered in a high grade clear coat for protection. He's able to create most any sort of toy or model using a photograph or drawing, but some of his most well-known pieces are wooden replica models of vehicles. With his past background in engineering, Scott manipulates his models with 3D design software prior to the construction process.

To create his models, Scott uses a Dremel 4000 High Performance Rotary Tool for a few different applications, including cutting small slots for door handles on vehicles and sanding out rough edges.

For more information on Scott's work, visit his website or Facebook page.

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