Featured Dremel Maker: Ileea of Xtreme Etching Art

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If you're active on Instagram or Twitter, you may be familiar with Ileea of Xtreme Etching Art. For the past eight or so years, she has been using Dremel tools to etch intricate designs in mediums such as wood, metal and glass. 

Although she has no formal art training, Ileea credits her creativity to her parents who encouraged her to help them with different art projects growing up. She started etching on Acyrlic panel sheets, but soon moved on to other mediums including wood, glass and metal. 

Ileea uses her Dremel 4000 with the flexible shaft attachment the most frequently for her work. In terms of accessories, her favorites to use are the 7134 Diamond Wheel Point, the 7144 Diamond Wheel Point and the 7103 Diamond Wheel Point. She also uses a Dremel Moto-Saw to cut any flat surfaces she is working on to shape. She notes that Dremel tools are the best and most reliable tools she has used for her work, and hopes to add the Dremel Fortiflex to her collection of tools soon. 

Her etchings are designed based on what she's inspired by or what's happening in the world, and the pieces can take between 15-30 hours depending on the size of the project and the amount of detail. For fans looking to begin etching with Dremel tools, Ileea suggests a slow pace and to apply light pressure at the beginning of the project as you can always increase the depth with your tool once you're happy with how the piece is looking.

To see more of Ileea's work, check out her Instagram or website. Are you a Dremel Maker? Reach out on Facebook or Twitter to show us photos of your work!

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