Dremel Weekends Project: Bottle Stoppers

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Use a piece of soft wood to create these unique holiday gifts that will be used for years to come.

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Tools Needed:

Dremel Saw-Max SM20
Dremel SM500 3" Wood & Plastic Carbide Wheel
9100 Fortiflex Heavy Duty Flex Shaft Tool
Dremel Engraving Cutters
9910 Tungsten Carbide Cutter
7103 Diamond Wheel Point
117 High Speed Cutter

Other supplies:

Soft wood piece (we re-purposed a chair leg)
Bottle Stopper kit
Drill Driver & 7/32" bit


Step 1:

Sketch your design onto your chosen wood piece as a guide.


Step 2:

Using your Saw-Max equipped with a SM500 Wood & Plastic Wheel, cut your wood piece to size. We re-used an old chair leg as our material for this project. If your wood piece is thicker than 3/4" of an inch, you may need to flip or rotate your material to complete your cut.


Step 3:

Secure your piece of wood in a vice & using your FortiFlex tool paired with a 117 High-Speed Cutter bit, remove the initial material from your carving. Once the larger portions of material is removed & you have a general shape you're happy with, switch to 9910 & 7103 accessories to add more detail. When carving your piece, be sure not to remove an excessive amount of material so you can drill a 7/32" hole about 1" into your wooden piece on step 4.


Step 4:

Finally, you'll need to drill through the bottom of your wood carving. Using a 7/32" bit, drill a 1" deep hole in a piece of wood any size you wish that is longer than the threaded stem on the wine stopper. A few drops of CA glue, or epoxy, in the threaded hole of the wood, prior to screwing it onto the stopper, will securely fix the wood to the stopper. Slide an O-ring into each groove in the stopper body.

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