Dremel Maker: Mikel Voss

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25 years ago, Mikel Voss created a design for a geodesic dome structure that he never pursued for a project. With a recent idea from his wife and the help of his Dremel Saw-Max, Mikel began work on a standalone geo-thermal greenhouse based on his design.

When Mikel's wife began looking into building a greenhouse, the two decided that a geodesic dome structure similar to his earlier design would be best because of the strength and wind resistance.

Mikel began constructing his design with 25 gauge steel that he cut with a 4 inch grinder with a cutting wheel. He soon switched over to using his Dremel Saw-Max with jigs he designed to streamline the process. According to Mikel, he has put "miles" into his Saw-Max for this project even though he originally purchased the tool for a kitchen remodel, and his Saw-Max has made his project "fun and easy."

Although his actual greenhouse is not complete yet, Mikel has finished one prototype that he gave to his sister. Eventually, he will cover the dome with a polycarbonate sheet in order to make it a full-functioning geo-thermal greenhouse. We'll share an update on his progress and the final product.

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