Dremel 3D Customizers

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Need some 3D design inspiration for your Dremel 3D Idea Builder? Jumpstart your design experience by personalizing one of five customizers right on the Dremel 3D website!

If you're unsure of your 3D design skills, personalize a Dremel 3D customizer right on our website. Visit, and visit the design tools tab to get started. Once you choose the object you're interested in printing, customize the color, shape and text right on your Web browser. Once your design is complete, download your .stl file into your Dremel 3D Idea Builder software. After you have prepared the file for building, save it to a SD card or USB cable and get printing!

Once you're ready to design your own ideas, check out the Autodesk 3D design tools also available on the Dremel 3D website. Get started here:
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