DIY Project Carved Stone Heart Necklace

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The Dremel Micro 8050 is a multi-faceted rotary tool, making it the perfect tool for many of your DIY projects. See how blogger Carissa used her Micro to create a carved heart necklace perfect for any jewelry lover as we approach Valentine's Day!

Carissa started her project with a small, smooth rock, hemp twine, a rag, wood block, felt tip marker, safety glasses, and the Dremel Micro 8050 with one attachment, the 1/8-Inch Glass Drilling Bit (662DR).

To determine where on the stone she wanted the heart, Carissa used the felt tip marker to mark the approximate location. Following the instructions that came with her Dremel Micro 8050, she installed the glass drilling bit and placed her rock on a wood block to keep her work space protected.

After adding a drop of cutting oil on one of the three dots she marked, Carissa set her Dremel Micro to 15 and gently pressed down on the dot with her bit. She then added another drop of cutting oil and repeated the previous step. She continued this process until the hole was drilled completely through the rock, repeating the same steps for each hole and remembering to go slow and not press too hard. If any jagged edges formed inside the heart, Carissa used the sides of the drill bit to rub them away. She drilled a hole at the top of the stone so that she could hang the stone on the necklace.

To clean up the stone, Carissa washed the stone with soapy water to remove the cutting oil and slurry created during the drilling process. To finish up her project, she added a piece of hemp to string her necklace around her neck.

To see Carissa's entire tutorial, visit her blog.

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