Check Out the Winners of the Dremel Maker in Residence Competition

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This year, over 200 Makers across the nation entered the inaugural Maker in Residence contest. Five lucky applicants were handpicked by Dremel not only to showcase their amazing work, but also to act as advocates for the Maker Movement as a whole and inspire others to pick up Dremel tools and start making. It's time to meet your 2015-2016 Makers in Residence.


Haley Yurkow

 Haley is the artist behind Mississippi Mojo, specializing in gorgeous, custom, hand-etched glass objects. Her work includes everything from etchings on antique windows and barware to creating handcrafted chalkboards and refinishing furniture. Haley is also active in her community, providing free ecofriendly art activities for children at her local farmers market.


Celina Muire

 Celina is an Austin-based woodworker and pyrographer. Her work includes wood-burned kitchenware, as well as decorative art pieces and headboards. Celina is a major advocate for the Maker movement in Austin and shares her talent by teaching pyrography workshops.


Keith Hahn

 Keith creates folk art and furniture in the secluded foothills of the Big Horn Mountains. His materials of choice are iron and wood and he specializes in high-end custom log furniture as well as decorative ironwork. Keith is inspired by the beautiful natural scenery surrounding him. As a result, a lot of Keith's work reflects the colors and textures found in nature.


Sean Harrington

 Sean is jack of all trades who creates theatrical props and rewires old analog devices for digital interaction. Sean is driven by the desire to improve how humans interact with the tools and machines in their daily lives. He also likes using technology and engineering to make jobs easier so people will have more free time to create things they love.


Shaun Crockett

 Shaun has been a Maker since childhood. When he's not remodeling homes, Shaun dedicates his time to indulge in more unique projects like knife making and engine building. Shaun's work is inspired by technology and his desire to bridge the digital and physical worlds. He also has a unique vantage point as he combines the processes of art and engineering into his works.

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