Featured Dremel Maker: Shawn Lisjack of Exotic Engravings

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Lisjack credits himself as being completely self-taught, and the methods he uses for his engravings come from an original “scratch art” piece he created back in high school. Inspired by his love for exotic cars, he decided to name his business Exotic Engravings.

Over 100 original pieces later, he has trouble choosing a favorite, but noted the Engraved EG project as a top contender. The Engraved EG is a 1992 Honda Civic Hatchback that he started back in 2010. It’s the first fully hand-engraved car, which took 6,000+ hours. Lisjack is currently in the process of engraving a Honda Ruckus scooter (known as the Engraved Ruckus), which will be awarded as the grand prize of the Dremel #MyBrilliantIdeaSweeps.

Since he started, he has solely used Dremel rotary tools and accessories. He began using the Dremel 200 and 300, and has now moved onto the 3000 with the flex shaft attachment and the Micro 8050. His favorite accessories are the Diamond Wheel Point (7144) and High Speed Cutter (125) bits, but he says he has just about every accessory the brand produces. 

Besides hand engraving vehicles, Lisjack has engraved on sheet metal, carbon fiber, aluminum, steel, glass mirrors, iPads, stone, marble and more. Each hand-engraving project he creates is unique, so the time it takes can vary greatly. According to Lisjack, the average piece takes about 150-200 hours, but he has worked on pieces that have taken anywhere from 20-6,000 hours.

For anyone looking to start engraving with Dremel tools, Lisjack recommends starting on scrap material to get used to the tools and bits. He also emphasizes the importance of keeping up with the maintenance of your Dremel tools to keep them in the best working condition. To learn more about Lisjack and his work, visit his website or his Facebook page

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