Dremel User Experts Focus Group

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No one knows our tools as well as you, the user. We want your help in making our products as effective and user-friendly as possible. If you live near Tampa, FL; Palm Springs, CA; Racine, WI; Rochester, NY; San Francisco, CA; Austin, TX; or Chicago, IL, we'd especially love to meet you and enlist your help. 

Apply for the User Experts Focus Group

At Dremel, we strive to intimately understand and anticipate our users' needs. We're responding with innovative services and specialty tool systems that are based on a foundation of experience, knowledge and a sincere desire to serve our users.

To ensure that we're achieving these goals, it's important to understand what part our products play in the lives of our users and develop and refine our products to best meet their needs. To accomplish this, we are developing a User Experts Focus Group in various regions across the country. We'll be meeting with these groups on a periodic basis throughout the two-year membership – either on-site or online.

We're looking for people who engage with tech/DIY projects, hobby, craft, home maintenance, repair projects, professional jobs and more. The type of projects can be very broad, such as crafts and creative hobbies, small DIY jobs, furniture-making or restoration, home improvement/maintenance, plumbing, etc. We'll be looking for users with all ability levels – from new owners to highly experienced users. Your feedback will let us know where your interests lie, so we can invite you to the appropriate focus group meeting. 

User Experts members:

  • Discuss how Dremel interacts with your vocation, hobbies, projects, and passions.
  • Tell us how we can improve, where we can help you, what products you desire.
  • Tell us what other companies do that our users like or dislike.
  • Have the opportunity to test new products.
  • Might be required to answer brief surveys throughout membership.
  • A maximum of four meetings per year.
  • Meetings will cover:
    • Product evaluation and testing.
    • Communication evaluation.
    • Open discussion and sharing of information.
  • Additional projects may also consist of:
    • Various emails, phone calls or online surveys asking opinions or questions.
    • Secret shopping via phone, internet or local stores.
    • Product evaluation and testing.


User Experts incentives per year:

  • Tools, meals and/or other potential incentives not to exceed $250 value. Incentives dependent upon panel attendance and participation throughout membership.
In addition, our members tend to connect with each other to enhance product techniques, expand product knowledge and gain project tips. 

If you're interested in applying for membership into our User Experts Focus Group, please take a few minutes to fill out the application form
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