The Dremel Family is Expanding: The Velocity Multi-Tool is Here!

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Tool users can put their circular and reciprocating saws in storage with the Dremel brand’s release of a completely reinvented multi-tool, the Dremel Velocity. 

True to its name, the Dremel Velocity is nine times faster than traditional oscillating tools due to a unique five-degree oscillation angle, allowing users to make plunge cuts, remove grout and finish sanding with ease. Velocity also has an unmatched 7.0 amps of cutting power, best suited for cutting a wide variety of materials in kitchen and bathroom remodeling such as plywood, drywall, conduit, PVC pipe and 2x4s. The combination of speed and power makes for a truly multipurpose tool that eliminates the need for multiple tools on the jobsite. 

In addition to increased speed and power, Velocity is low-dust producing, perfect for finished spaces and smaller, enclosed areas. These tight spaces often have poor ventilation, so a low-dust-producing tool is essential. 

We're also introducing two new cutting blades, designed exclusively for Velocity. The first is the VC490 Panel Blade, an ideal accessory for making long, straight rip cuts in plywood, cement board & drywall. The second blade introduction is the VC494 Pipe & 2x4 Blade. Its extra-wide edge is designed for cutting pipe and thick materials, such as 2x4 studs. Users can tackle PVC, conduit and copper cut offs with ease. 

The Dremel Velocity is available online now and can be found in store at Lowe’s beginning May 1, 2016. 

For more information, click here. 

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