From Our Mission Maker: Hatch Your Own Friends Craft Night

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Dremel Mission Maker Amy Bell of Positively Splendid hosted her own Craft Night recently when she provided her friends with Dremel Hatch Kits so they could create their own Skyline wall art. Instead of going to a movie or watching television, Amy provided a fun way to reconnect with her girlfriends and take a break from all things digital.

Because everything you need is conveniently packaged together for you, including the wood pallet sign, paint, brushes, stencils and more, Dremel Hatch Kits take the guesswork out of putting together a fun friends craft night. To help you out, Amy has provided a few tips to help you host your own Dremel Hatch Kit night on her blog Positively Splendid.

According to Amy, seeing her friends create a work of art and take pride in their creation made the Dremel Hatch Kit night a fun event. “I love the idea of turning this into a girls’ night, inviting friends to sip and munch while they create,” Amy said. “The beauty of the Dremel Hatch Project Kits is that they enable you to conveniently have all you need to complete the project from start to finish, which means you’ll have plenty of time to prep and host a party everyone is sure to enjoy!”

Share your craft night creations with Dremel using the hashtag #hatchskyline!

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