Mission to Make: Jamison Rantz Interview

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Dremel Mission Maker Jamison Rantz from Rogue Engineer completed his final 2017 mission by creating a project that was crowd-sourced from Makers like you! Check out his unique clear picture frames featuring a rock base cut with a Dremel Saw-Max project here. In the middle of this busy time of year, he finished the Dremel Mission while working on building his family’s dream home and managed to carve out some time to answer some of our questions!

Can you tell our readers a little bit about yourself and your work?

I’m a former aerospace engineer gone rogue. I started building and designing furniture in my spare time, which then turned into something I was able to do full time. I create free and easy DIY project plans that anyone can tackle.

What does it mean to you to be a Dremel Mission Maker?

To me, being a Dremel Mission Maker means inspiring others to work with their hands, whether that’s building furniture or making a piece of jewelry, being a maker is pursuing a passion and creating something with your own hands.

What’s the best thing you’ve accomplished/experienced while on your Mission to Make with Dremel?

The best thing I’ve experienced on my Mission to Make with Dremel is connecting with people like myself and helping to inspire others to find their own mission to make.

What sort of tools do you find yourself using the most?

The tools I find myself using the most are my saws. Almost every project being with cutting wood, and you need to have the right saw to do the job.

Where do you find your inspiration?

I get most of my inspiration from my family, whatever project we need for the house or just building something that will make my kids smile.

What would you say to someone who’s just starting to tackle more DIY projects?

For someone who is just starting to tackle more DIY projects I would say to just keep trying. Everyone starts somewhere, and nothing is always perfect, but the important part is that you get out there and do it.

Best tip you want our readers to know?

If you don’t know it, YouTube it.

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