Meet the Maker: Introducing Chelsea Foy

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Chelsea Foy isn’t just a Maker: she’s an adventurer. While traveling the world, she’s found plenty of inspiration for her craft and DIY project. This month, she has a few tips to share with our fans. 

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and your blog? 

I'm a wife, mom, and maker, living in my home state of California. In my past lives I was both a music teacher and a stage performer, so you could say that creativity runs in my veins. Whether it's music, art or crafting projects, I'm pretty much always making something. My blog, Lovely Indeed, focuses on all the simple ways you can build a lovely life, which to me range from DIY projects to food to travel. My husband and I met while performing together on a touring show and ever since, travel has been a large part of our story -- we take off every chance we get, and our travels have enriched our lives in so many ways! 

Do you have any advice for people who are just getting into making their own DIY crafts/home décor? 

Don't get overwhelmed by starting with a project that's over your head. Start small, with attainable projects until you start feeling comfortable with your creativity and making skills! With each project, you'll be able to branch out a little farther, tackle new tools, and solve new problems. Also, use the internet! There are so many really wonderful DIY blogs out there who provide in-depth tutorials for creating just about anything you can imagine. 

You have a really chic esthetic to your handmade items. What tips do you have for someone looking to achieve a similar look? 

You've got to start with the right materials, and tools that will have the project looking clean and professional. My favorite DIY projects are the ones that look like they were purchased in a shop. Hunt for materials with fun colors, pretty finishes, or unexpected touches. And while you're working, always take the extra time to make the finish look neat and tidy. It makes all the difference! 

What are some essential DIY/crafting items you’d recommend a Maker always have on hand? 

A good glue gun, a sharp craft knife, good scissors, an all-in-one tool (like a Leatherman), and a versatile multi-attachment rotary tool, like a Dremel 4000

Has traveling extensively influenced the work that you do? Is there a special place that inspires you? 

As an avid traveler, you can't help but be inspired by the places you see. I've crisscrossed the United States (and been to all but 7 states!), worked in Asia, spent summers across Europe, explored in South America, and more. I truly believe that traveling can open your eyes to so many things -- not just different people and places, but colors, patterns, sounds, tastes, and more. Travel is refreshing for the senses in so many ways and it can inform your creativity as a maker. Of all of the places I've been to, I think that Paris tops the list. It's a city that's so artistically and culturally rich. So many great minds have passed through the city. 

Do you know where you’re headed to next? 

We've actually been dreaming of another European home exchange! A few summers ago we traded homes with a family in Paris and it was the best trip I've ever had. Now we've got some kids in tow, so we're on the hunt for a house abroad where we can all shack up for the summer and take short trips to nearby cities. 

Do you have any tips for creating a piece to commemorate a trip? 

While you're traveling, collect bits and pieces from your favorite experiences! Anything is fair game - photos, ticket stubs, menus, pressed flowers, rocks, pamphlets. Once you're home again let the pieces inspire you to create something new. Maybe it's a collage, maybe it's a decorated frame for your favorite photo, or maybe it's just a scrapbook filled with all of your favorites! 

Out of all the work you’ve done, what’s your favorite piece that you’ve created and why? 

For travel, I think maybe my favorite project was an anniversary lock – it was a surprise for my husband. I loved it because it was so simple to create but played a major part in our travels and has such good memories surrounding it. We were in Paris on our anniversary, so I surprised him with a lock that had our wedding and anniversary dates stamped into it. We locked it on the Pont des Arts and threw the key into the Seine on our anniversary. Cheesy? Yeah. But awesome? Totally. 

To see more of Chelsea’s work, check out her blog Lovely Indeed. 

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