Dremel Impresses at SX CREATE

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30,000 Makers of all ages rolled through SX Create. We showed them what Dremel tools could do. Then they showed us what they could do.

More than 1,200 leather bracelets made by attendees. More than 500 micro-derby cars. Countless items made from scratch on the Dremel 3D Idea Builder.

The Dremel booth at the South by Southwest Create Expo in Austin, Texas was a popular place to stop and create. Our focus was on making sure the next generation of Makers knows how much fun it is to create something with just your hands and your imagination. And maybe a Dremel Rotary Tool.
Designer, artist and TV host Jimmy DiResta also brought his expertise to the Dremel booth, helping guide the young Makers as they transformed ordinary blocks of wood into imagination-powered vehicles.


Away from the SX Create booth, the Dremel Maker MeetUp hosted a silent auction of artwork created with Dremel tools. The event raised about $2,000 for an area Maker-space, the Austin Tinkering School (ATS).

Throughout the month of March, Dremel worked closely to provide more than 10,000 ATS students with access to tools, including a long-term plan to implement 3D curriculum.

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